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Chestnut Class - Year 5


Welcome to the Chestnut Class.

We are a class of 21 enthusiastic Year 5's who are always curious about new topics and love working together! #teamchestnut

You can find information about our learning for the term and homework (including weekly spellings).

P.E. will be on Fridays on Week A and on Thursdays and Fridays on Week B. Please check the P.E. days link to check the P.E. dates for the term.


Mrs Spencer

PE Days

Please click on the link below to view our PE timetable

Chestnut Class P.E. rota Autumn 2023

Our Learning for the Term

Please click on the link below to view details about our learning for this term.

Our learning in Chestnut Autumn 2023


Homework set: 8.12.23

Hand in date: 22.12.23


This week's homework is to write a book review about a book you have recently enjoyed. This is a 2-week homework. 

You need to include:


  • Title and author of the book
  • An outline of the plot (story line)
  • Description of main characters in the story
  • Who was your favourite character and why?
  • What was your favourite moment in the book and why?
  • Would you recommend the book to someone else and why?

You can present your book review however you want. It can be handwritten or typed. It can be on a sheet of A4 or you can write it in a booklet or mini-book format.


You can view the spellings in the table below:


Chestnut Class spellings

Set: 4.12.23

Test: 11.12.23

Group 1

Statutory spellings

  1. vegetable
  2. vehicle
  3. bruise
  4. soldier
  5. stomach
  6. recommend
  7. leisure
  8. privilege
  9. occur
  10. neighbour


Group 2

-ly suffix – exceptions to the rules


  1. fully
  2. daily
  3. shyly
  4. publicly
  5. truly


Class Letters & Additional Information