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About Us

Vision & Values

Our vision and values are very important to our community as they underpin all the work that we do and the decisions that we make. Please read the below documents to find out how we agreed them and how we live these out in school.

Our desire is to provide the best possible provision for all children at Bleasby CE Primary School. The vision, mission statement and values below are designed to shape what kind of community we are and can become. This has been developed in partnership with the school’s staff and Governors, Minster Trust for Education and the Diocese of Southwell. Parents and carers were also included in the consultation process which led to the vision’s final form which we offer to you below.

Releasing the God-given potential of every member of the school community through our commitment to Achieving, Belonging and Caring.

Mission Statement

Bleasby Church of England Primary School exists to welcome those of all faiths or none and see every member of its community flourish as unique, precious and beloved human beings who have been created in God’s image. The school does this by supporting everyone to achieve their personal and academic potential; by encouraging everyone to Bleasby Church of England Primary School Vision and Values belong together as one family; and by nurturing everyone to care for one another and the wider-world. The Bleasby ABC is founded on the values of wisdom, perseverance, friendship, respect, compassion and service as displayed in the life of Jesus Christ. These are represented in the school’s life by the Jigsaw Cross.


Our Christian values of wisdom and perseverance, friendship and respect, service and compassion are built on the foundation of Jesus’ life and example.

Wisdom and Perseverance
Achieving through wisdom and perseverance: we encourage and support our children to take one step at a time to achieve their personal and academic potential. Our children are educated and equipped with the skills, knowledge and experiences to nurture wisdom and confidently deal with challenges

Friendship and Respect
Belonging through friendship and respect: we encourage and enable children to be kind and inclusive, forming positive relationships to belong together as one family. Our children are educated and equipped to listen to and understand others, learning to disagree well.

Service and Compassion
Caring through service and compassion: we encourage and nurture children to use their gifts and talents to care for others and the wider world. Our children are educated and equipped to have empathy and show compassionate concern, putting others before themselves.